Brand Story

In the winter of 1991, a young man resigned from the public office of state-owned enterprises. He sought development from his hometown to Shenzhen, and successfully obtained the job opportunity of a foreign company. His colleagues called him ‘Ah Tang’. After several years of temper, Ah Tang’s ability has been continuously improved.


Starting a business is always a dream deep in the heart of Ah Tang.

In 1994, like all entrepreneurs unwilling to mediocrity, he resigned again and embarked on the path of entrepreneurship. Initially, due to the limited start-up capital, he rented several farmers’ rooms in Gangxia, just a few kilometers away from Shenzhen Huaqiang Bei, and began to develop and produce the first product of his own, that is DC regulated power supply. In addition to hiring three women workers, he’s alone in charge of all product development, production, sales, training, etc. In this way, after finished a batch of products, he will ride a few kilometers of bicycles, sweating all over to the SEG market to sell to dealers, collected the money at once on the procurement of raw materials, day after day, round and round. Over the past two years, the road from Gangxia to the SEG market has been filled with the sweat of Ah Tang, as well as the ringing of bicycle bell. And Ah Tang, also by virtue of his hard work, diligent and solid good character has laid a good foundation for his own entrepreneurial road.

In 1996, after the eighth bike broken, the quality and performance of products were able to satisfy the market quickly, and the market demand information was also timely understood, Ah Tang got the trust of the market peers. In order to improve the efficiency, expand sales channels, he rented a shop in Shenzhen Huaqiang Bei, set up a business department of ATTEN electronic instruments, selling self-produced products, also agent the imported instruments. In the same year, his production place was moved from Gangxia to Shixia; his goods’ delivery began to change from bike to vehicles and his employees have up to 20 people.

On November 10, 1999, Shenzhen Atten Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded on the 5th floor of building 123, in Futian Jindi industrial zone.


The establishment of each brand is the best interpretation of the concept of entrepreneurship. And ATTEN, the name comes from ‘Ah Tang’, at the same time requires the enterprise to make products to be safe and thick. And be honest, reputation first.

Since then, the development of ATTEN brand has begun. Over 20 years of precariousness, ATTEN believe that “quality is personality” and in the road of enterprise development, the product has gradually turned to the middle and high end, which has opened a new journey of brand development.