Terms of Service

Dear customers

Thank you for choosing our products. In order to make you more satisfied with our service, please read the terms of service carefully

1、 Warranty period

Within 15 days from the date of purchase, it is confirmed that the product quality problem is caused by our company's inspection. At the request of customers, our company will replace the same type of products unconditionally.

For products manufactured before 2016, the host machine is free of charge for 1 year from the date of purchase (the specific calculation is: purchase certificate time + 1 year);

For products manufactured after 2016, the host machine is free of charge for 2 years from the date of purchase (specific calculation: purchase certificate time + 2 years);

After sales maintenance service is provided within 5 years after the notice of production suspension or upgrade is issued, and only the cost of raw materials is charged; for products more than 5 years after the notice of suspension or upgrade is issued, after-sales maintenance service is no longer provided.

Handle, heating core and chrome iron head are consumables and are not within the scope of free warranty service.

2、 Warranty method

When the customer delivers the products for repair, the Distributor agrees that the logistics mode is adopted; for the products that the terminal customers need to repair, the express company designated by our company is selected for mailing, and the baonei machinery company is responsible for the return postage; the user is responsible for the out of warranty.

The customer service personnel shall repair and send out the products within 5 days after receiving the repaired machine (if the repair is overdue due to many machine returns or component shortage, the customer service personnel shall communicate with the customer in advance) and send out the products.

For the products to be repaired, the main engine and handle must be sent back to our company together, otherwise they will not be repaired.

When customers need assistance in replacing heating core, chrome iron head and other consumables or other problems, we will provide technical support or consultation remotely.

3、 Warranty requirements and scope:

Warranty products, the serial number of the host body must be complete and clear, terminal customers please attach the purchase invoice;

The product is not covered by the warranty in case of the following situations:

1. The product exceeds the warranty period;

2. Damage caused by using non original accessories;

3. The product is damaged due to wrong operation, negligent use or force majeure;

4. The products are repaired, disassembled or refitted by unauthorized personnel;

5. The appearance of the product is seriously damaged and cracked. Product related identification is replaced, altered or torn;

6. Products damaged artificially during handling;

7. products that cannot show relevant purchase certificates.

4、 Description:

1. The company is not responsible for any property or personal damage caused by improper use.

2. After our technical personnel confirm that the high imitation products of our brand are embezzled, our company will confiscate the products and reserve the right to further investigate the responsibility.

Terms of service (applicable to China)

Service machine address: Floor 7 & 8 , Building B, Konka Guangming Technology Center, No.228 Xingxin Road, Guangming District, Shenzhen 518100, China. After sales service hotline: 400-998-6633