• TPR DC regulated is high precision and high reliability constant voltage, constant current power supply, it have current-limiting, voltage reduction, short circuit protection over temperature protection, strong load ability characteristic.TPR series power supplies are applicable to laboratory, electronic items production line, telecommunication equipment maintenance, they are necessary device for technology and research, production, teaching institution.
  • Flip type panel protection to prevent misoperation
  • Power supply appears overheating operation status, output will be closed.
  • When machine internal temperature recovery normal, power supply output recoveries default condition
Specifications:TPR3003T 3ATPR3005T 5A
Input voltage:220V±10%,50Hz/60Hz220V±10%,50Hz/60Hz
Rated output voltage:0~30V0~30V
Rated output current:0~3A0~5A
Rated output power:90W150W
Power supply effect:CV≤0.01%+3mVCV≤0.01%+3mV
Voltmeter display precision:±(0.5% of rdng+2digits)±(0.5% of rdng+2digits)
Load effect:CV≤0.01%+5mVCV≤0.01%+7mV
Ripple and noise:(5Hz~1MHz)CV≤0.5mVrms(5Hz~1MHz)CV≤1mVrms
Power supply effect:CC≤0.2%+1mACC≤0.2%+1mA
Ammeter display precision:±(0.5% of rdng+2digits)±(0.5% of rdng+2digits)
Load effect:CC≤0.2%+5mACC≤0.2%+7mA
Ripple and noise:(5Hz~1MHz) CC≤3mArms(5Hz~1MHz)CC≤5mArms
Protection method:current-limiting, voltage reduction, short-circuit protection, over temperature protection , over voltage protection

Operation condition:Temperature 0℃ ~40 ℃ relative humidity< 80%
Storage condition:Temperature -10℃~80 ℃ relative humidity<80%
Heating-dissipating method:Air cooling
Size(WxHxD):125X 170X275mm