• LCD display making parameters monitorable and system setting easier.
  • Pluggable design making handle and heater change easier.
  • Equip with vacuum suction pen, components can be extracted after desoldering.
  • Installed brushless fan, air volume can reach 120 l/min.
  • 1000W high power heating core make it heating up fast to reach the specified temperature.
  • PID algorithm controlled temperature accurate and stable.
  • Support timing/manual heating mode
  • Password protecting function make parameter setting with permission.
  • 3 sets of shortcut air volume/temperature data make it work more convenient.
  • Functions of temperature compensation, fixed temperature, upper and lower temperature limits making temperature鈥檚 management easier.
  • 聽Automatic standby/air delay after power- off function makes work safer.

Specifications:Packing list:Standard Packing:
Voltage 锛欰C 230V卤10% 50HzGT-8102 Main Unit: 1 SetStandard Packing: 32x6x5(cm)
Power锛 1000W锛圡ax锛Hot air gun: 1 PCSN.W.: 0.27kg
Temperature range锛100鈩 ~ 480鈩/ 212鈩墌 896鈩Hot air gun holder: 1 PCSG.W.: 0.35kg
Standby mode: SupportVacuum Suction Pen: 1 PCSCarton: 30PCS/Carton
Air flow gradation锛120L/MinToolbox: 1 PCSSize: 32.7x31.7x33.3(cm)
Vacuum Suction Pen: SupportN.W.: 8.1kg
Shortcut temperature: 3 groups temperatures can adjust and use quicklyG.W.: 9kg

GT Nozzles Series

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