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PR35-3A-3CP / PR35-5A-3CP



PR35-3A-3CP/PR35-5A-3CP Three channels programmable DC regulated power supply, high reliability constant voltage and constant current linear DC regulated power supply. This series have simple operation, durable in use, multiple functions, high quality and reasonable price advantages.User can conduct remote control through PC to power supply to meet various application requirements.

● R&D Lab general test         
● Provide pure electric power for RF, microwave circuit or components
● Components or circuit specialty verification and fault diagnose
● Quality control and quality inspection
● Automobile electric circuit test and provide electric power
● Teaching and experiment
●  Production automated testing


Three channels complete isolation power supply output
No need external connection, just one button can realize
Series/ parallel status switching
Flip type Panel covers to avoid misoperation
Low ripple and noise
4 digital displays
OVP, OCP, OHP protection functions
Intelligent fan cooling system can automatically adjust
according to machine internal temperature, which makes
the noise low.
The remote interfaces comply with IEEE Std 488.2-1992 and SCPI
Specification 1999.0.

Colleges and Universities practical training
Electronic items production line
Telecommunication equipment maintenance



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