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AT-860D Lead Free ESD Safe Digital H

Number: AT-860D



● High output power and quick heating-up.
● Closed-loop and MCU zero crossing design for achieving fast heating-up, accurate and stable control.
● Knob control and dual led display screen make work easy.
● Preset buttons to switch between frequently-used temperatures and air flow values.
● Temperature locked with slot to avoid unauthorized settings.
● Handpiece designed with buttons to adjust temperatures and air flow make operation convenient.
● High power diaphragm pump with high pressure make it suitable for various nozzles.
● Automatic standby function to save more energy.
● Intelligence cooling system and deferred power-off function to extend handpiece lifespan.


Power consumption:600W
Input voltage:220VAC±10% 50Hz(110VAC 60Hz optional)
Temperature range:100℃~500℃
display manner:dual LED digital display
Air flow grades:20~99 grades
Pump:diaphragm pump
Air consumption :23L/min(MAX)
Dimension :L243*W188*H162mm
Net weight :4.3Kg

Package list

Base station  1 Unit
Hot air gun holder 1 set
Hot air gun 1 PCS
Manual  1 copy
Power cord 1 PCS
Slot  1 PCS


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