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AT-8235 Rework system

Number: AT-8235



● Three heating area design in which upside heating, downside heating area is accomplished by hot air, heating-up in pre-heating area is achieved through infrared heating. All heating areas could be controlled separately which are
equipped with high accuracy temperature controlling meters. This product can be configured with eight degrees of heating or cooling temperatures and store ten sets of temperatures configurations in which external temperature testing      terminal equipped to adjust every parameter on time.
● Designed with K-type thermocouple and automatically temperature offset system which is combined with temperature controlling module to control temperature accurately with difference in 2℃, and achieve precision analysis and    
● V-type slot design for PCB board to position fast, accurately and conveniently which meets the requirements of various PCB board layouts and positioning.
● Flexible and mobile universal clamp can protect PCB, avoid damage to PCB edge component, avoid distortion to PCB and suitable for rework of various BGA packaging size.
● Equipped with various nozzles which could be rotated for 360°to be convenient for installation and replacement.
● Eight grades of heating, cooling and constant temperature control.
● Alarming function as desoldering or soldering work completed to prompt operator ready for next procedure. At the same time, automatic or manual enabled high air flow fan will be used to cool PCB down before its distortion, to retain          soldering works.
● Approved by CE cortication and equipped with automatic cut-out.


Total power:4800W        
Upside heating power: 800W
Downside heating power: 1200W(second heating area), 2800W(Third heating area ,enlarged area for various PCB board)
Input voltage: AC220V±10%     50Hz
Dimension:L540*W560*H600 mm
Positioning manner:V-type slot, PCB support could be arranged in horizontally and vertically and arranged with universal clamp
Temperature control manner: K-type thermocouple, Closed loop
Temperature stability :±2℃
PCB dimension :Max 360mm*350mm, Min 20mm*20mm
Chips dimension:5*5~55*55mm
Minimum clearance for chips:0.15mm
External temp-testing port:1 (customizable)
Net weight:28Kg

Package list

BGA rework station 1 Unit
Painting brush 1 PCS
Manual 1 Copy
Nozzle 4 PCS
Shaped clamp  6 PCS
Knob 6 PCS
Supporting screw  4 PCS
Thermocouple wire 1 PCS
Data line 1 PCS 
Vacuum cartridge 1 PCS
Tweezers  1 PCS
Temp-control software disk 1 PCS


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